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Liz Bane

Holistic Health Coach

Thanks for visiting Life in Balance. I’m Liz Bane, and as your Holistic Health Coach I will personally partner with you to regain a sense of wellness and help show you how to use food as medicine. As a Certified Nutritional Health Coach, I’ll unlock the keys to help you feeling great again and address issues that you may not have had success dealing with through traditional medicine.
I have helped clients who suffered with ailments such as:

  • SIBO
  • PCOS
  • IBS
  • Severe constipation
  • Bloating
  • & more!

If you’re tired of trying traditional methods that don’t work or feel like your current wellness approach needs something more contact me today! Fill out the form below or call 508-331-7122 to schedule your free 60 minute health history consultation. You have nothing to lose but your symptoms.

Liz Bane

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    Before I started working with Liz I was overweight and had no energy. With so many weight loss options out there I had no idea where to start or even how to incorporate an exercise routine.   Liz created a personalized wellness plan for me then held my hand and held me accountable to follow though.  Today I feel amazing and I’m so grateful for her personal, individualized attention.

    – Cory R. from Boston, MA