Corporate Wellness

Liz Bane offers a revolutionary approach to corporate wellness that will truly move the health and wellness needle for your employees.  


As a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Liz is specifically focused on 360-degree wellness.   In her role as your
“in-house wellness coach”, Liz takes care of the health and wellness of each individual employee; addressing their nutrition, exercise and self-care. 

 Opportunities to positively impact the overall well-being of your team starts today!   Invite Liz in to learn about her unique offerings.

Wellness Assessment & Recommendation Plan:  Survey and benchmark the current workplace wellness environment followed by a comprehensive outline of recommended programming

Wellness Roundtable:  Learning and talking together, about our health and well-being, is where real change begins: Choose from Liz’ five best Wellness talks

Wellness Plan Project Management & Coordination:  Coordination, project management and consulting service to introduce a variety of wellness programs

  • Individual Health Coaching

  •  Wellness Roundtable Talks

  • Walking Programs

  • Food: What the Heck Should I Eat: Lunch & Learn

  • Yoga

  • Strength Training

  •  Healthy Cooking Lessons

  • Massage Therapy

  • Clean Food Shopping Lists for Office and Home

  • Healthy Catered Lunches

  • Meditation and Mindfulness

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