Pivotal Wellness

For those seeking a deeper dive into their wellness journey…

  • Initial 90-minute private session to discuss and identify your four primary wellness goals
  • Receive a customized and detailed written wellness plan created specifically to address your four wellness goals
  • Personal follow-up includes eight assessment sessions monitoring your progress, holding your hand and holding you accountable
  • 100 days of 24/7 access to Liz for all your wellness questions & concerns

What’s Included:

PLAN – Personalized Wellness Plan – based on your unique bio-individuality and specific goals, this plan is the fabric of the program and what sets LBLIB apart from other wellness services.

PHILOSOPHY – Three Steps to Wellness – based on years of study and learning, these 3 key steps to wellness represent Liz’ best guidance for overall wellness.

STRUCTURE – Food, The Roadmap, by Dr. Mark Hyman – a comprehensive overview of what to eat and what not to eat, laminated with magnets to be placed on your refrigerator.

EDUCATION – Based on the your goals and challenges, specific articles relating to your goals.

DAY-to-DAY – A clean, simple and basic grocery shopping list for daily healthy living.

EXTRAS – Personalized touches to ensure your success.

Pricing available upon request!

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